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Volunteering for PWN Global is a great way for you to learn how to practice what Forbes magazine calls, “permission leadership” or leadership without authority. Leading a non-profit organisation is one of the best experiences you can have. You will learn and grow and most importantly, leave a legacy.  

If you need more convincing, take a look at some of the inspiring stories (Link to Inspiring stories page) of our PWN Global members and volunteers. See how PWN Global has helped each of them both personally and professionally to overcome old, and face new, challenges- that's the power of volunteering.

If you can’t find a volunteer role in the list below, but you want to offer your support, please sign our Member Pledge (link to member pledge?)

To volunteers past, present and future - WE SALUTE YOU! Thank you for your hard work, throughout the years.

  • PWN Global: Social Media Team: (Facebook)


    We are seeking a member of PWN Global community who would like to make a difference by managing our PWN Global Facebook account as part of our PWN Global Social MediaTeam.

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  • PWN Global: Social Media Team (Instagram)


    We are seeking a member of PWN Global community who would like to make a difference by managing our PWN Global Instagram account as part of our PWN Global Social MediaTeam. 

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  • PWN Global: VP Mentoring


    PWN Global is seeking a VP Mentoring to develop the Federation’s overall strategy for developing and supporting mentoring activities across our city networks and with our corporate partners. 

    We are looking for a self-starter with teambuilding and project management skills to develop greater co-ordination and support to corporate partners and city networks; the volunteer team should include mentoring expertise.  

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  • PWN Global: Legal Advisors


    PWN Global is a non-profit association (ABNL or association à but non lucratif) registered in France, which owns 100% of PWN Global Corporation SAS (société par actions simplifiée). We are therefore subject to French law and administrative requirements.  We are seeking lawyers and/or law firms interested in supporting our mission on a pro bono basis. 

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  • The PWN Global Entrepreneurship Committee Needs YOU!


    The PWN Global Entrepreneurship Committee is a virtual team of 13 part-time volunteers. Current activities of the team include: Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2020; PWN Global Academy and Student Projects. 

    In order to fulfill this ambitious program of activities, they are seeking additional volunteers for the following roles:

    • Marketing and Communications Director
    • Copywriter
    • Graphic Design/Video Editor
    • Knowledge Management Director
    • Partnership Director
    • Professional Development Director
    • Digital Programme Director

    For descriptions of the roles, along with the time commitments required, and how to apply, click here. 

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